Marias Message

We all know that drunk driving is dangerous and deadly, but driving with other distractions can be just as dangerous.  Come into Ricart Automotive & come try out the Distracted Driving Simulator @ The Ricart Used Car Factory.

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Dom & Terri Tiberi founded the Maria Tiberi Foundation and "Maria's Message' in memory of their daughter, Maria, who was killed tragically in an automobile accident colliding at 53 miles per hour into the back of a semi truck. Since Maria had only three years of driving experience, the Tiberi's are devoted to ensuring no one else has to endure the tragic loss of a loved one due to inexperience or lack of appropriate driver education. To increase defensive driving skills as well as understand the consequences of distracted driving, Mr. Tiberi desires that this simulator become part of standard driver education in the U.S.

As the largest Automotive Group in Central Ohio, Ricart Automotive is proud to support this worthwhile charity.