Rules of the Road

Is it legal to talk on your phone while driving in Columbus?
When should you drive in the left hand lane of a two lane highway?
Can you ride in the bed of a pickup truck?

These questions and more will be answered in the multi-part YouTube series of "Things You AUTO Know" with Ricart Automotive. Rick Ricart will invite professionals from Law Enforcement, Drivers Training, Educators, and even Doctors to answer your questions!

We all "think" that we know the answers, but it is shocking to hear that we not have them all correct! Subscribe to the Ricart YouTube Channel and you will be the one with ALL of the answers at the water cooler!

Plus, if YOU have questions, send them to us so we can pose them to the proper officials and if YOUR question is used on our channel, you will receive a special "Ricart Cares" T-shirt and the chance to be featured in an upcoming episode with Rick Ricart!

After all, these are questions we all have and these are certainly "Things you AUTO know!"
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