There is a storm coming! Here's what you NEED...

There is a storm coming!  Here's what you NEED...

1. Your family:
They're the most important thing in the world. Make sure everyone is together.
2. A phone & charger: There may not be great service during a storm, but bring a phone in case you need to call for help.  Unplug the phone before using it.
3. A radio:  A radio is the most reliable source of news and updates during a storm. Make sure you have extra batteries.
4. A flashlight: The power can go out during a storm.  You don't want to get stuck in the dark!
5. Blankets: Blankets offer extra protection from falling debris. They're also good for snuggling up as a family.
6. A helmet: If your bike helmet is handy, bring it with you. It can help keep you a little safer.
7. Your pets: Make sure you account for your family pets. Storms can be scarier fro pets than people.
8. A game: A fun game can help pass the time and take your mind off the storm.

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