A Look Back at Car Trends from 2013: How’d They Do?

It's worth saying one last time: Happy New Year! We just posted about some car trends that could newsworthy in 2014. But that got us wondering about 2013's trend predictions. Did they rise to the top? Fall flat? Or with a year in the limelight, are they just now gaining ground?


Here are a few predictions from 2013 worth noting: 



In 2013, most of the chatter around "mobility" centered on whether fewer Millenials were getting their driver's licenses. Some experts said yes; others said no. But most agreed that Millenial driving behavior —and gas price—pushed a trend in "shared" driving experiences. Think ZipCar, rentals, and creative alternatives to traditional car ownership.


Did this prediction sink or swim? It definitely swam, thanks in large part to a year-end surge in Uber popularity. Uber, an on-demand service, revolutionized urban cab service and caught the attention of cab drivers everywhere. Look for this trend to reshape how automakers design, market, and sell cars.


Smart Cars

At last year's CES, the crowd was chatting up auto functionality like "self-driving," automated parking, and tons of connectivity that brings enhanced entertainment and GPS to the driving experience. Was it fact or science fiction? Definitely fact. Cars are not only talking to our mobile devices but now to drivers about passing lanes, obstacles, and more. 2013 might have been the last year "smart cars" were more trend and less reality.  


Car Colors

After a brief hiatus, the color white regained the top spot as the most popular car color in 2013 (followed by silver and black). But this is the one trend that may have started to shift a bit as 2013 progressed. Although white is still the most popular choice, car trend experts have noticed a comeback of 1960s-ish pastels and bright hues usually associated with muscle cars. Metallic flecks and colors that look a bit different as the car moves are also gaining ground.


It's fun to look back—and look forward— but in the end, trends don't matter much. A car is a huge purchase that should be about you and your needs.  Stop by Ricart and see if we can help you find the car of your dreams in 2014. 

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