Super Bowl Car Commercials We Like

Will the Broncos or the Seahawks win? Will Peyton retire after the game? Will it be a halftime show or a halftime no-go? The big game starts with a lot of questions, but one thing is a sure bet: the commercials will be some of the best of 2014.


With spots being teased out or pre-released before the big day, we already have a few favorites. Whether it’s because they make us laugh or highlight a cool car feature, these ads are worth talking about at your game day parties.  


Volkswagen Commercial Teaser



Self-aware, entertaining, and sarcastic, this 60-second teaser takes things to the extreme. Does it show off any new Volkwagen features? No. But it does showcase the attitude and sense of humor we've all come to love from VW advertising. What will they show on Sunday? We can't wait.


Kia Teaser




Morpheus is doing what? Watching the big game? Embedded in one of the most famous scenes in cinematic history? If this Matrix-elder is involved, we're officially on the edge of our seats. Fingers crossed it pays off during the Kia-spot reveal during the Super Bowl's third quarter.


Hyundai 2015 Genesis



It kicks off with an adorable truth: Dads just have a special knack for protecting their kids, don't they? But what if dad isn't around to stave off disaster? That's where Hyundai's auto-emergency braking shines. Not exactly a hilarious three-act play, but it's effective advertising that gets us jazzed about new car technology.


Audi A3



Perfect for those who like it when advertising gets a bit "out there." This cute, fun parable about the chaos that comes from compromise ladders up to Audi branding, and shows us what we're missing when we don't go for what we really want. The spot is fun and easy to watch, but let's hope Dobermans and Chihuahuas don't decide to combine forces in the near future. Shudder.

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