Car of the Future: Fact or Fiction?

In just a few hours, the Detroit Auto Show is set open it doors to the latest and greatest in 2014 and 2015 automotive awesomeness. It's not unlike Christmas morning - at least for all of the super passionate car fanatics at Ricart.


We're insatiably curious: What's "new thing" that will capture all the buzz? And what's being talked about, but still 10 or 15 years from market?


Here are a few innovations that will surely get some motors running. 


Driverless Cars


Fans at last week's CES 2014 in Las Vegas were treated to driverless car demos from several high-ends brands, so this technology could easily be chalked up as fact … unless you bring in humans.


Too many questions remain: Who insures a driverless car? What happens if a system "crashes" while in use? And what about privacy concerns? A number of  social-infrastructure-type issues have yet to be addressed, let alone regulated. Until then, expect for "driverless hybrids" to be semi-fiction. 


Parental Units


If you thought nosy neighbors made it tough to be a teenager, wait until you get about the facts about modern car parental controls. These aren't exactly "new fangled" tech, but some of the smartest systems ever are making their way to the mass market. Features can include being able to disable texting/smart phones while driving; and inexpensive subscription GPS services that track your car, inch by inch. Safety first, Columbus teen drivers!


Car & Driver Relationships


Fact, fact, fact. Cars are getting so in-tune with their humans, they can sense a disruption in a driving pattern and take action for safety. For instance, are you changing lanes with someone in your blind spot? Lights on side mirrors will let you know when it's safe to go. Are you falling asleep at the wheel? Some cars will notice abnormal drifting, slow down and sound an alarm. Many 2014 models come loaded with these kinds of super intuitive features; stop by Ricart and we'll show you the best of the best.


Flying Cars


There's so little that’s "fiction" in automotive innovation these days, we had to add something nearly impossible. Or is it? We have our fingers crossed . . . 

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