5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Car

Buying a car can be overwhelming. There are so many choices and so many decisions. But you don't have to be an expert to be a savvy car shopper. Get the ball rolling with these five simple questions and feel great about your car shopping experience.


What's the right vehicle for me?


This is a basic question that many buyers take for granted. Having a clear vision of your needs (kids? dogs? hauling antiques? business?) will help you decide things like: 


·      Do I want an SUV or sedan?

·      High torque or fuel efficiency?

·      Two door or four door?


Knowing exactly what you want will make things seem far less stressful as you move towards your ultimate decision.


New or used?


Like most big decisions there are pros and cons to both. When buying a new vehicle, you know exactly what you're getting, but you may pay a little more.


The waters can be a little murkier when considering used. If thinking about a used vehicle, it's always a good idea to ask the dealer for a vehicle history report.  It could be perfect, and you could be getting a great car and a good deal. This report could also help save you money down the road.


Is it in stock?


Make the most of your time at a car dealership. Call ahead, and make sure they have the make and model you want on the lot. You have the right to be picky, too. If you want a certain kind of interior, ask if they have it. Include questions about desired vehicle features. The dealer will help you locate exactly what you're looking for.



How can I keep from feeling uncomfortable?


Long gone are the days of car salesmen pressuring folks into buying cars they don't need.  At Ricart, we keep neon stickers off our windshields and constantly learn from our online reviews — all to create a better experience for you.


And when it comes to getting online, use its power to its fullest extent. Do lots of research. Google, Google, Google. Know what you are willing to pay and stick to it. There's comfort in being educated and empowered!


Should I request a quote?


Yes. In fact, request a few. Vehicle quotes are free, and can be done quickly and easily online. It will typically take two to three days to receive a response, but it's worth the time. Once on the lot, the vehicle quote will give you a good starting point for negotiating a purchase price. 


Remember: You're In Control


There are lots of important decisions that go into a vehicle purchase, so take your time. By having a vision, researching, and planning ahead, you will be the driver of the buying process . . . and, hopefully, some bright, shiny new wheels.


Why not start car shopping right now at Ricart.com? It's open 24/7 and ready to help you find the car of your dreams.

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