Pothole Pointers from Ricart

It's been a long, cold, snowy winter in Columbus, which has us obsessing over sugary hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and potholes.

Yes. Potholes.

These not-so-cute "dimples of winter" can turn an otherwise routine trip into a roadside assistance nightmare. And le's not forget the seemingly unfair damage one tiny little asphalt depression can inflict. Tires, rims, steering systems, alignment ... some or all or MORE could be compromised from just one quick, unfortunate "ker-klunk."

As we navigate around town, we do our best to avoid pothole ambushes by keeping these pointers top-of-mind.

Hit one? Get Your Car Checked Out.

Unless you decide to roller skate around town until spring thaw (brrr), there's a very good chance you will encounter a pothole. Once you hit it, get to an auto shop, pronto. Assess any potential damage. This smart proactive-ness not only gets things fixed, but it can also prevent minor damage from transforming into a costly repair in spring.

Tires Properly Inflated?

When it comes to You vs. Pothole, having your tires at the recommended pressure level can help minimize the drama. Of course, perfect tires aren't a 100% guarantee against damage, but they can help soften the blow.

Drive Safely and Slowly

Potholes can pop up anywhere, on any road, so over-awareness is your best defense against a pothole showdown. Adjust your driving habits to keep a healthy distance between you and the cars in front of you. Drive a bit slower than usual, giving yourself and your car the best chance to safely avoid oncoming divets.

And if you see an obnoxious pothole, report it to your city or county. Together we can help keep our roads smooth, safe, and repaired.

Does anyone know how many days until spring?

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