Vintage Cars We Love

Winter is hanging on in Columbus, and "thinking spring" just isn't doing the trick. So we upped our season-changing efforts and started dreaming of summer cruise nights and all of the beautifully cool vintage autos that come with them.


It's definitely not a comprehensive collection, but here are a few makes and models that will top our lists forever.


1969 Ford Mustang

Powerful. Distinctive. Heavy. Is there anything more awesome? The lines and design of this classic American muscle car continue to inspire. You can see their influence on some of today's "throwbacks," as the look and feel of the early Ford Mustangs have proven to be much less temporary than timeless.


1968 Dodge Charger

Even though it was the General Lee from "The Dukes of Hazard," this car's popularity spans far beyond the show. We can't help but wonder: Back in the day, how many drag races did it win? Probably too many to count. Of course, any Chargers in action today aren't in racing shape (and we don't condone street racing). But we would have loved to have seen a Charger like this in its prime.


1959 Cadillac Deville

It's like a time machine that takes us back to the epitome of innovation, style, status, and luxury. Today, restored models can sell for $30,000 or more, so many of us will never get to personally experience this quintessentially American ride. But we can dream about just one little spin and a quick attempt at a parallel park. It's definitely on our bucket list.


Vintage is A Personal Thing


These are just a few of the valuable vintages that frequently come up in conversation, but we know there are many more to choose from. What vintage autos get your heart racing?


And you can never predict what modern vehicle will be tomorrow's collectible. Stop by Ricart today and start shopping for your perfect car.



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