Great Parking Apps

With over 67 acres on our campus, it goes without saying that there's rarely a shortage of parking spaces at Ricart Automotive Group. But we can't brag too much. When we take a trip downtown or visit an unfamiliar neighborhood, we find ourselves in the same state of mind as most drivers -- confused, agitated, and just wanting to put our car in park.

That's why we've looked into some of the highest rated, most useful parking apps for our mobile phones. Loaded with the most up-to-date and intuitive information on available spots, these apps make it easy.  Saved time, money, and frustration? Yes, please!


Instantly find the closest, least expensive parking available. ParkMe for iPhone (including iPod Touch & iPad) and Android recommends the best place to park based on your location, what kind of vehicle you're driving and how long you'd like to stay. You can use it in over 500 U.S. cities, including Columbus.

When you choose a lot or parking structure that looks right, the app even goes so far as to tell you its hours of operation, pricing and just how many spaces are available! Once parked, set the convenient parking timer so you don't get stuck with a ticket. ParkMe's rating in the Google Play store is 4.1 out of 5 stars. To top it all off, it's free. For such a great price, consider parking this app on your home screen.

Ricart Automotive Dealer App

Ricart is dedicated to exceptional customer service, whether it's in the showroom, on the road, or on your mobile phone. That's why we designed the free Ricart Automotive app--it goes where you go! Perfect for storing all of your car's information, getting quotes, or ordering parts, it keeps car maintenance and history storage easy.

And there's a great parking feature, to boot. Located in the "Tool Box" section, the Parking Assistant easily helps you find a quick and easy spot. Then tap on the timer. It keeps track of metered parking so you don't have to. Available on the iTunes store and Android for free.

Columbus App

The city of Columbus has released a free mobile application for iPhones with enhanced access to city and community resources. You can find it by searching "Columbus, Ohio" in your favorite app store.

This app isn't just for parking, it's for all kinds of things – you can even get push notifications when trash pickup is postponed! But it also offers helpful parking insights too.

From the home screen, just navigate to neighborhood, then transportation and then parking. There, you'll find parking garages mapped around the city. While it doesn't give space availability or pricing, it does give you details about things happening all around you, like restaurants and entertainment events, sports facilities and nearby parks. Too far way to walk? Use the app to check bus routes and hop on board. The city is working to make the Columbus app better and better -- so keep updating!

These handy mobile apps do just about everything but the driving. Maybe soon parking apps will be built into cars right alongside backup cameras. No matter, we wish you a future filled with all the best spots in the lots.

If you download a parking app, let us know what you think

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