Top 3 NASCAR Techs That Shaped Today’s Vehicles

We at Ricart live and breathe NASCAR. And with the Daytona 500 just days away, our gasoline filled veins are pumping with excitement. Since 1959, crowds have gathered to watch drivers at "The Great American Race" thunder around corners at breakneck speeds.


But what you probably didn't know is your daily commuter has a lot more in common with its racing cousin than you think. Whether you're cornering at 200 miles per hour or driving to work, the technology that keeps racers safe is keeping you safe, too!


Here's our top three NASCAR techs, shaping the way your vehicle operates, today.


3. Keyless Ignition


Sometimes overlooked, the keyless ignition has its roots in racing. When time is of the essence, turning a key just takes way too long. All NASCARs now operate with a keyless ignition to reduce time and reduce the chance of lost keys (okay, maybe I made the second part up).


Nevertheless, keyless ignitions have made their way into production vehicles in many different ways, such as push buttons and electronic fobs. The next time you start your vehicle without a key, just remember the milliseconds you've saved!


2. Suspension


Hidden away under your vehicle's chassis is technical evolution that changed the sport of racing forever. The reason you don't realize it's there is because it's working.


In racing, the suspension is there to ensure that all four tires maintain contact with the track. That translates into faster speeds and better control. But that same technology also provides you with the balance and comfort necessary for navigating your everyday commute.


Next time you run over a pothole, give your suspension a thank you. It's working hard so you don't spill your tall mocha latte. 


1. Safety Systems

There when it really counts, safety systems prevent the absolute worst – injury or death. In racing, racers don't ask will a crash happen? But rather, when? That's why engineers have designed and incorporated roll cages into the structure of a racecar. They protect what's important – the driver.


The difference between race car safety systems and everyday vehicles is visibility. Roll cages in everyday vehicles are hidden from plain view under carpet, door liners, and other interior amenities. Like your vehicle's suspension, you don't know it's there until it's put to work.


Accidents happen. Roll cages are there to protect what's most important – you and your family.


Love your vehicle


Today's production vehicle may not drive as fast as a racecar, but it comes from the same lineage. Technology once found exclusively in racing is now readily available to the average Joe, ready to keep you comfortable and safe.


In order to keep you safe, we at Ricart offer a top-quality Service Center for any of your automotive needs. Drive safe, everyone!


Ricart is in no way associated with NASCAR. NASCAR® and its marks are trademarks of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.

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