What Do Celebrities Drive?

While some people are into a celebrity's clothes, accessories, or arm candy, we're into something much heavier - their vehicles. What do they drive? How many cars do they have? Are the cars cool? (in 99.9% of the cases, the answer is an absolute yes.)


Of course, we get our famous wheels fix from the standard magazines and TV shows, but we have a few online sources for catching great glimpses of stars behind the wheel.


We peruse Celebritycarsblog.com


Get big pictures, short snippets, and lots and lots of high-end car awesomeness on this light and breezy blog. Search by brand or by celebrity for some unexpected pairings. Vince Vaughn in a Pontiac Firebird? Who would have guessed? Short, simple, visual and fun.


We explore Celebritycarz.com


This site is similar to celebritycars.com, but a bit more athlete and musician focused. Although it mostly highlightes European IRL drivers, soccer players, and rappers, an occasional reference to someone a little more "pop" (like Zoey Deschanel or Katy Perry) can find its way in. Overall, we go back for it's great voice and organized automotive finery.


We watch "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"


Have you heard about this non-scripted Crackle show? It follows car-aficionado and comedian Jerry Seinfeld around in a vintage car of his choice as he chats up fellow comedians. It runs only 10 to 15 minutes but has featured superstars such as Tina Fey, Chris Rock, Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Howard Stern, Patton Oswald and more.


It goes without saying that we don't pay much attention to the conversation. No, we're not in it for the famous folk. We're in it for the sparkly car visuals. Did you see that 1970 Dodge Charger? Or the 1960 Rolls-Royce? See every car featured on the show in this great photo gallery

All these top-shelf cars get us thinking: If we were famous, what cars would we drive around the streets of Columbus? The possibilities are endless. What would you drive? 

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