What IS it about trucks?

Did you know that the Ford F-150 series has been the best selling automobile in the United States for more than 30 years?


It's true.


At first listen, it sounds incredible. But if you want proof, look no further further than our society's passion for trucks. Big, tough, vehicles that haul big, heavy things are ingrained in our economy, in our culture, and in our love for optimized driving experiences. What's not to love about that?


Trucks help build things.


When experts investigate the health of our economy, they often take a good look at the construction industry. How many homes are currently under-construction? How many new buildings are going up? If those numbers are healthy, that means more raw materials are in demand. And that means reliable, on-site delivery is more than key - it's mandatory. Trucks are part of that healthy economic system.


Trucks carry things.


Short of a packed lunch and small personal item, most of us don't carry a lot of things during the week. But when it comes to weekends, lots of big, heavy objects get involved. Boats, antiques, new furniture, luggage, bikes  . . . the list goes on and on. We love getting away and bringing with us all the necessary tools for adventure. Trucks are ready to haul or pull anything we need. 


Trucks are comfort.


Gone are the days of loud, raucous cabs and bare bones interiors. Today, most new trucks come equipped with the most up-to-date creature comforts . Whether it's top-notch noise and vibration reduction, optimized heating and cooling systems, or the latest in technology connectivity, truck interiors are tricked out and designed for luxury. And safety is paramount, too. New advances in materials and engineering design help keep you safer than ever. 


So whether you have your heart set on an F-150 or just want to explore your options, stop by Ricart and we'll talk trucks. You never know what you may learn about America' favorite transportation.

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