Why Do We Love Our Cars So Much?

At Ricart, every day is day Valentine's Day. Why? In our showrooms, in our lots, in our offices … it happens all of the time.


We see people fall in love with their cars.


What makes a relationship with a car so special? After all, it's just a collection of technical mechanics, built for taking us from point A to point B, right? So why do we get attached to something that doesn't even have a heartbeat?


After years of life experience and astute observation in our Columbus showroom, we can safely say people adore their cars for a variety reasons. Some can be explained, some can't. But here are a few of our best guesses:


It's an extension of our personalities.


Just like the clothes we wear or the purses we carry, cars are parts of the stories we tell the world. It could be a specific make or model, the color, or just one little feature. This multi-ton machine can symbolize our human essence. Energetic, fun, sporty, luxurious, wealthy, no-nonsense, practical, family-oriented … the list goes on and on. What does your car say about you?


It's an important outlet.


Cars are a major purchase and, often times, become an important chapter in people's life stories. So this metal "member of the family" lives as a place to go when you just need to breathe. To tinker … to care for … to clean … to rehab … to refresh. It might be there for you when you just need to think, or if you just need to "drive." Cars can be an escape, both figuratively and literally, and escapes just feel good.


It symbolizes freedom.


It's become cliche to compare the automobile to being free. But we don't know a better way to describe it. From Columbus to California and back, everyone can relate to that light, airy feeling of windows down, radio up, and on the road. And our cars get us there, efficiently and safely. That's a pretty good friend to have on your side.  


At Ricart, we love our cars just as much as you do, and we're passionate about finding you the perfect one. Stop by sometime and fall in love all over again.

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