Top Car Trends for 2014

At Ricart, we know no one can predict the future. But from sales trends to style trends, we love revving up our imaginations and dreaming about what's next. 

Early returns on 2014 are telling us that it should be an exciting year for the car industry.  Here are the few bits and bites that have people talking: 

Digital Wheels
According to an expert panel at the World Car Awards, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to connectivity. Folks expect their car sync up with the music and streaming audio from their personal mobile devices, so Bluetooth has nearly become standard on most new cars. It's fun to think about where this kind of connectivity could go. Will your next car even have a radio? 

Spotlight on Safety
Car buyers are thinking safety, and state-of-the-art systems are in demand. Already, we're seeing a lot of sensory "notification technology" -- beeps, bumps, or vibrations that keep a car safe. For instance, some cars can now sense lane lines and alert you if you're drifting over; others will automatically brake if they sense an obstacle in your path. 

More Car Sales
According to Edmunds, car sales may be on the uptick for 2014. This trusted automotive resource has projected 16.4 million or more cars sold in the U.S., an increase over 2013 and a sign that consumer confidence could be growing. Are you in the market for a new car? Stop by and see if Ricart can help you contribute to that 16.4 million total. 

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars
Some trend spotters are predicting that hydrogen fuel-cell cars, versus plug-in electric cars, are gaining footholds in the minds of consumers as an alternative to consider. Alternative power sources will be an interesting field to watch as the automotive industry continues to grow in China and India. What innovations could we be talking about five years from now? 

Detroit Auto Show Has More In Store
And of course, we can't wait to see what will be under the hood at the Detroit Auto Show, January 13 to January 16. It's just a short drive from Columbus, and we've heard rumors of some amazing concept cars and awesome 2015 model debuts. Stay tuned for more...

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