New Year's Resolutions for Drivers

The fresh start we've all been waiting for is finally here! Will you jot down a few resolutions or goals for the New Year? If you're still brainstorming for the perfect thing to perfect in 2014, look no further than your driving habits, behaviors, and routines. Here are some things we resolve to do when we're behind the wheel. 

Drive Sober 
Although the official stats for 2013 aren't out yet, we believe if one person was killed in a drunk driving accident, it's one too many. Start 2014 with a firm resolution to call a cab or a friend if you've been drinking. Period. 

Don't Text & Drive 
The "It Can Wait" campaign is helping to generate all kinds of great buzz around the dangers of texting and driving. Although the TV commercials and online pledge is content directed at teens, adults should heed the same warnings. If you must text, pull over and put the car in park. If it can wait, it can wait. It's that easy. 

Safety Belts On!
These safety devices save over 12,000 lives a year, so why not take a second to click it? If you're in a car, you're in a seat belt. If you have little ones, you know how fast they grow, too. So resolve to make sure they're in the correct car seat. Get updated information here. 

Regular Oil Changes 
Save yourself money, time, and stress in 2014 by keeping up on this regularly scheduled oil changes.  Find a convenient shop (We are located in Southeastern Columbus) and make it a goal for the staff to know you by your first name by the end of the year. Your ride and your wallet will thank you. 

By practicing these simple rules of the road, you can help make Columbus's roads safer. And that’s a New Year's Resolution Ricart loves to celebrate!
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