Top 3 Ways Winter Weather Affects My Car

The weather outside looks frightful, and your car feels far from delightful. Can the winter season we have in Central Ohio truly affect your car's performance? According to auto experts, absolutely and 100% yes. Drops in temperature, extreme weather, and road conditions are often to blame. Fend off those winter blues with these quick tips.


Cold and Tire-d

Because frosty air causes materials to contract, lower temperatures can be the culprits behind low, mushy tires. In fact, every drop of 10 degrees can lower your tire pressure up to one to two PSI, reducing efficiency and causing you more pain at the pump. A solution? Tireless vigilance. Check your tire pressure every month and refill as needed.


Frosty Fluids

The liquid parts of your car - engine fluid, transmission fluid, and oil - flow freely, like syrup or honey, when warm. But when chilled, they get a bit sludgy. This thicker consistency causes more resistance in performance, and, ultimately, more friction as it travels from car part to car part. But there’s a quick fix. Make it a habit to warm up your car for a few minutes before putting it in drive, letting the car's innards get good and greased.


Conditional Travel

When winter comes to Columbus, the weather changes, minute-to-minute. From pop-up snow squalls to ice storms and blustery wind, Old Man Winter loves to leaves his calling card on Columbus roads. That means your car has to work a bit harder to trudge through all the snow, ice, sleet, and slush left behind. The remedy? Leave your car in the garage if roads aren't clear. But if you must go out, drive defensively and slow down.


If you need your car winterized, stop in and see our professional service technicians.  They'd be glad to help. 

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